pays 2011.05.10
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, U.S.A. V2


01. Intro
02. Rammlied
03. Bückstabü
04. Waidmanns Heil
05. Keine Lust
06. Weißes Fleisch
07. Feuer Frei!
08. Wiener Blut
09. Frühling In Paris
10. Ich Tu Dir Weh
11. Du Riechst So Gut
12. Benzin
13. Links 2 3 4
14. Du Hast
15. Pussy

17. Sonne
18. Haifisch
19. Ich Will

21. Engel


Size673 MB
Duration 01:46:40
SourceWAV Recorder (from taper)
TourLiebe Ist Für Alle Da Tour



Church-Audio STC-11 Cardioid Mics + BAT-2B + IRiver H320 -> USB Transfer -> WAV -> Audacity -> Pyro Reduced Throughout (Using Envelope Tool) -> Pyro Reduced From 00:35:36.08-00:35:53.13 (Using Hard Limiter: -10.0 db) -> Pop on Right Channel Reduced At 01:13:02 -> Pyro Reduced From 01:32:31.00-01:32:42.85, and at 01:34:01.40 (Deamplified) -> Audition -> Levels Adjusted (Using Quick Filter: [Master Gain: Left: 35, Right: 30], [3K: 10], [7.4K: 20], [22K: 10]) -> Goldwave -> Pyro Peaks Lowered (Using Compressor Preset: Reduce Peaks - Threshold: -10.5 db) -> Audacity -> Pyro Peaks Reduced (Using Hard Limiter: -7.0 db) -> Amplified (7.0 db) -> Goldwave -> Peaks Lowered (Using Compressor Preset: Reduce Peaks - Threshold: -6.0 db) -> Audacity -> 00:30:16.02-00:32:24.08, 00:36:41.48-00:42:40.16 Amplified (Using Envelope Tool) -> Amplified (3.0 db) -> Clapping Reduced From 00:00:45.23-00:00:47.50, 00:01:41.40-00:01:46.08 -> Click/Pop Removed At 00:05:07.00 -> Clapping Reduced From 00:09:01.62-00:09:02.56, 00:21:53.74-00:21:55.82 -> Clapping Reduced At 00:40:16.92 -> Clapping Reduced From 00:42:41.79-00:42:46.88 -> Clapping Reduced At 00:42:56.67 and 00:42:59.50 -> Clapping Reduced From 00:49:25.84-00:49:26.84 and 00:55:31.87-00:55:38.66 -> Clapping Reduced At 01:02:57.92, 01:04:28.97 and 01:04:30.27 -> Click/Pop Reduced At 01:06:41.42 -> Yell Reduced From 01:07:10.78-01:07:11.40 and 01:07:18.76-01:07:19.33 (Using Envelope Tool) -> Click/Pop Removed At 01:08:07.13 and 01:08:07.15 -> Yell Reduced From 01:07:26.59-01:07:26.70 and 01:07:26.94-01:07:27.43 (Deamplified) -> Intro to Pussy (01:09:10.84-01:09:23.44) Amplified (Using Envelope Tool) -> Clapping Reduced From 01:15:24.29-01:15:25.05 and 01:15:46-01:16:05 -> Clapping Reduced At 01:16:43.85, 01:16:52.19 and 01:16:52.67 -> Clapping Reduced From 01:17:29.92-01:17:30.81 -> Clapping Reduced At 01:17:54.27, 01:18:13.35, 01:20:21.77 -> Click/Pop Removed From 01:22:38.15-01:22:38.16 -> Clapping Reduced From 01:24:19.15-01:24:19.80 -> Static Deleted At 01:24:23 -> Clapping Reduced At 01:24:45.69 -> Click/Pop Removed From 01:24:53.50-01:24:53.53 -> Clapping Reduced From 01:26:24.63-01:26:29.75, 01:26:33.69-01:26:34.72, 01:26:37.70-01:26:44.15, 01:26:46.54-01:26:48.56, 01:28:57.74-01:29:04.49, 01:30:27.92-01:30:37.86, 01:31:02.04-01:31:10.01, 01:34:42.62-01:34:52.43 and 01:35:10.93-01:35:17.32 -> Clapping Reduced At 01:43:39.08 and 01:44:09.45 -> Clapping Reduced From 01:44:54.57-01:45:19.95, 01:45:28.75-01:45:42.37, and 01:45:57.64-End -> FLAC (Level 8) Using Trader's Little Helper > CD(1)


Location varies as I was being squashed during the entire set resulting in my position varying. And god damn the fuckers yelling constantly and especially the mother fucker that sounded like he was from Brooklyn bitching about wanting to be closer up front. STFU! Ugh! The crowd noise really diminishes the quality of this recording.

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V1104 minFLAC583 MB(from taper)
3151 viewsPosted by admin on 25/07/2012

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