pays 2009.01.25
DNA Lounge, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


01. Intro
02. All Pain Is Gone
03. Get Out Of My Head
04. Electrohead
05. Kickstart The Fight
06. Without Emotions
07. I Want Your Blood
08. Sent To Destroy
09. Blut Royal
10. Today We Are All Demons
11. Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood
12. This Is My Rifle
13. Shut Up And Swallow
14. Scarred
15. Get Your Body Beat
16. This Shit Will Fuck You Up
17. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?


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Duration 01:28:06
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Bootleg history of Combichrist in U.S.A.:

pays2009.01.25DNA LoungeSan FranciscoU.S.A.88 min
pays2009.02.05The Majestic TheaterDetroitU.S.A.75 min
pays2010.12.11Madison Square GardenNew York CityU.S.A.30 minV1(from taper)
pays2010.12.11Madison Square GardenNew York CityU.S.A.28 minV2(from taper)
pays2011.05.10Allstate ArenaRosemontU.S.A.34 minV2(from taper)
pays2014.10.10Crofoot BallroomPontiacU.S.A.84 min(from taper)