pays 2019.05.27
Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany V2


Size838 MB
Duration 02:11:15
SourceWAV Recorder
TourEurope Stadium Tour
StatutNot For Trade


Tascam DR-05 V2 (24bit/48kHz) + Church Audio CA-14 cardioids + Church Audio Ugly Battery Box > WAV (24-bit/48kHz) > Adobe Audition CC (volume boost, EQ, bass boost, track splitting) > WAV (16-bit) > Trader's Little Helper (converting to FLAC, creating .md5) > FLAC Highend Level 8


The first show of tour for the new album. I thought the band was scheduled to start at 9pm so I left my seat but they were scheduled for 8.30pm so once I heard they're coming on stage, I had to run back and start taping right when the first song started. The audio came out great imo, just "Du riechst so gut" and "Pussy" might sound muffled a bit because I had to sit for a while as I was close to collapse. I did video too which is almost complete.

Other version of this concert

V1137 minFLAC864 MB(master)


01. Intro (cut)
02. Was Ich Liebe
03. Links 2-3-4
04. Sex
05. Tattoo
06. Sehnsucht
07. Zeig Dich
08. Mein Herz Brennt
09. Puppe
10. Heirate Mich
11. Diamant
12. Deutschland (RMX By Richard Z. Kruspe)
13. Deutschland
14. Radio
15. Mein Teil
16. Du Hast
17. Sonne
18. Ohne Dich
19. Engel (Scala & Kolacny Cover With Duo Jatekok)
20. Ausl├Ąnder
21. Du Riechst So Gut
22. Pussy
23. Rammstein
24. Ich Will

Posted by retwas on 03/06/2019

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